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1. THE question

-Where are we? - Merida asked Jack while they were flying. She loved flying with him.
-Merida, say hello to a place I like to call Paris, the best city in the world. - He replied while landing on the small hill that had amazing view on the city. The snow was quietly falling, making the white covering for the ground. Music was coming from the city, making the perfect background noise for the thing Jack was about to do. He wraped his arms around Merida's waist and pressed his chest on her back, both looking at the stars and bright full moon, smiling when they saw Santa's slades passing by. It was Christmas and Jack had a present for Merida that was from the deepest parts of his soul and now-beatting heart.
He took a breath and whispered to her:
-Look at that star, my love. - And backed away, only to fall on one knee and pull out a black box with a golden sapphire and ruby ring. Sapphire was presenting him, while ruby was presenting Merida.
-What star, jack? There is a million of... - Her words were cut off by a sight of Jack kneeling in fron of her, with so much love in his eyes taht she was feeling tears in her eyes.
-Merida, I know I'm not the guy that would be easy to be with, or that your family and your people would hardly accept me for you, but ever since I met you, ever since I laid my eyes on you and saw the REAL you, I have never been happier, and I know I can make you happy as well if you give me the chance. Merida the Brave of the Clan Dun'Broch, my ice princess, will you marry me and be my ice queen? - Jack finished with taht his speech, while Merida's tears were going down her face. She wiped them off and smiled while offering him her hand.
-Do ye really need to aesk me that, ya silly? - He just smiled and felt his own tears coming up. Jack placed a ring on her hand and got up, pressing his lips on hers.
-Merry Christmas, Merida. -
-Merry Christmas, Jack. -

2. Confession

-YE WHAT?! WITH WHO?! - Queen Elinor yelled while holding her hands on her head. Even Merida's brothers were silent and schoked. King Fergus's mouth were hang open, only to turn into angry face and grabbing a sword.
-I'm gonna kill that lil' snitch... -
-No dad, ye won't cause I'm marryin' him. I love him and he loves mae too! If ye kill him, ye kaen kill mae too! - Merida shouted. Jack tried to calm down the situation.
-Look, I know I should have asked for premission first... -
-Yes, ye should have! -
-But, I DO love her with all my heart. There is no way I will let anybody or anything harm her, I can promise you that. - Jack said.
-Ye think I'm worried for thaet?! Ha! Our Merida kaen take care of herself, ye snitch. The point is that I found out that my daugher is engaged with a Spirit that is eternal? So yer planning on staying like that while she is growing old? -
-No, I inted to make her immortal just like me. I inted to spent iternity with her. - Jack said. That cought Merida off guard.
-W... What? - She asked.
-There is a way for you to become immortal, Merida. How do you think I became like this? I've never told you cause it's a little hard for me to talk about it, you know. - Jack said to her, feeling a little bit of a pain in his heart when memories arrived.
-Why ye never told mae before? -
-I was planning to make it as a gift for our wedding day... That is, if your parents allows it. -
-Even if they don't, I don't care! Mum, dad, I love him. Ye kaen lock me, burn me bow, take away me horse, even send me to the edge of the world, but we are gettin' married! Ye can make it easy ot hard, but the result will be the same, I promise ye that. - Merida said to them. King and queen looked at eachother, but the Merida's brothers got up.
-Are ye sure ye love her? - Harris asked Jack.
-Yes. -
-Are ye gonna make her happy? - Hubert asked Jack.
-Yes. -
-Will ye alwys gonna be there for her? No matter what? - Hamish asked Jack.
-Yes. - The triplets gave Jack one last look before turning to their parents.
-Mum, dad, let them get married. They do love eachother. - They said in union. And that was it. They were officialy allowed to get married.
Next part of your fave couple...
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FATE4-X Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
Umm you said that this was going to be the the last one right? But aren't there going to be a part 3?
AURURAMOONLIGHT Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
First I have to figure out what to wrute.
Alex1313s Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012
This was amazing plz right more
MeridaXJackFrost Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Student General Artist
:happybounce: OMG! I REALLY LOVE THE PART WHERE JACK AND MERIDA GOT ENGAGED!!! That part leads to the their big day just like my drawing of the two getting married. Hopefully there's a part 3! Then it's the introduction of my 4 OCs! :D Of course I'm refering to their children I made for them (Ceana, Latharn, Flynn, and Melody) :)
AURURAMOONLIGHT Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Ya want me to write their wedding night? I'm sure some fan girls would freak...
MeridaXJackFrost Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Student General Artist
Oh YES! :D I would love to read about the night of their marriage. It would sound so awesome! :)
AURURAMOONLIGHT Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
How old are ye?
MeridaXJackFrost Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2012  Student General Artist
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